Every time we travel, even if its for a short period of time, I always over pack. So this time I said ... NO MORE! I read a few tips online and compiled a list of my favorite ideas:

  • Make a list of musts
  • Pack in a small suitcase
  • Take one outfit per day, yes only one
  • Preplan full day outfits (i.e. If you are going to the beach, pack a bathing suit, shirt, shorts, underwear and shoes together. Do this for all of the days so when you're on vacation you don't have to think about it twice)
  • Take a few small toys with you if you are heading to the beach (hotels charge three times the price for simple beach toys)
  • Don't take baby food unless you absolutely must (food allergies or restrictions aside). Try to make due with whats available there. Takes a load of stress of your back
  • Take only two bottles for milk and one sip cup for water (wash and repeat)
  • Always plan for the worst so take a thermometer and a few medications with you, i.e. Tylenol and Benadryl. Those should cover most things

I know it seems like more work to plan your days ahead, but it allows for maximum relaxation while on vacation. You can rest knowing that you have what you need and whatever you forgot, you probably didn't need.

Do you have any mommy tricks for packing light?

With Love,