Before having Nicky I thought Mother's Day was a day to treat mom extra special. We would take her out to brunch, send flowers and write her a card. But when it came to birthdays, my family would go all out. Both of my parents made sure to be in town and gather family and friends to celebrate. 

Last year was my first Mother's Day and the sentiment was so strong and special, the idea crossed my mind, I think I like Mother's Day more than my birthday. Interesting... My husband planned a beautiful brunch, sent me flowers and wrote me a card. But why does today feel so special if its the same thing I've been doing for my mother all along? Looking at Nicky, it all started to make sense...I could feel the everyday struggles, snuggles and love. I realized my favorite thing about life is now her. For years I celebrated myself first, then others, but birthdays seem secondary now. She's my entire world and I realize being a mother is worth celebrating BIG. 

This year, with Nicky a little older, my husband planned a little something extra. I woke up to a gorgeous flower arrangement and a million kisses from my baby girl. Then, we went to Wynwood Kitchen for brunch and walked through the graffiti murals of Wynwood Walls. Later, he took us to Viscaya Museum and Gardens (a place I’d been wanting to visit for a long time) and we took in all it's natural glory. Here are some photos of our special day :)

Do you like Mother's day more than your birthday?

With Love,