One of the few activities that keeps Nicky's attention for more than 5 minutes is the memory game. Usually its a store bought Sesame Street card game or a Disney character matching game, but on a rainy day like today, I figured the best activity was to make a game of our own. Home made games are always extra fun! 


  • Crayola Washable Kids Paint
  • Glad Press N' Seal
  • Paint brushes
  • Paint dish
  • Small wooden pieces (two of each, about 12 pairs. I bought these at Michael's)
  • Water 


STEP 1: Place Glad Press N' Seal on the area you will be painting on (makes clean up fast and easy).

STEP 2: Lay out your materials

STEP 3: Put one color out at a time so the child knows which pairs to paint


STEP 4: Paint the matching pair together


STEP 5: Clean brush with water and repeat until all are done

STEP 6: Let dry 

Your'e done! Now time to play with your home-made memory game. Spread the pairs and ask the child to find the matching piece. For older children, paint the matching pieces two different colors and ask them to match the shapes (a little more challenging). 

What do you do on rainy days to keep children entertained?

With Love,