ABC's aren't the easiest to teach Nicky, she just isn't interested yet. So I thought lets add pom moms to the equation and it worked like a charm. Except, I didn't want to waste them so using a tape runner I was able to do this fun activity and recycle all of the pom poms. I can still hear her shout the letters after they were revealed. 


  • White paper
  • Double sided tape
  • Pom poms


Step 1: Using the double sided tape runner, draw a letter on a white piece of paper.

Step 2: Fill the page with pom poms 

Step 3: Turn page over revealing the letter hidden underneath. 

Repeat until the charm fades. Nicky and I did about 12 letter before she was done with it. 

Can you hear the WOOOOW??? This activity was a hit! Also, she practiced her clean up skills after turning the pages upside down and the pom poms went everywhere. It was smiles all around. 

With Love,