In honor of Nicky turning two I am sharing a few photos from her first birthday. We woke her up with a huge number one balloon, made her pancakes for the first time (which she did not eat), had a cake smash session and a family dinner to finish off the celebrations. Her actual birthday fell on a Tuesday so we hosted a party on the Sunday of that week. 

For the cake smash we didn't want to spend a lot of money so we bought her the biggest cake they had at Costco, a pink tutu from Target and took the pictures ourselves. They came out pretty cute I'd say :)

Her favorit character was Elmo (still is) so it was a no brainer to make the party Elmo Themed. I used a couple of Etsy shops for the decor. All downloadable stuff that I printed at home on sticker paper and cut myself. I also made the banner tassels myself (I watched a YouTube video- click here). At the end of the post are the links to these items. 

As her gift (more like a gift for ourselves) we went to Disney World. Seeing her face light up with all the characters was priceless. Tips on Disney World with a toddler will be on a separate post (too many things to talk about lol)

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I hope you find some party inspo here :)

With Love,