I love doing activities that involve different skills and introduce new concepts. For this experiment, we practice fine motor skills using a medicine dispenser to squeeze in and out water as well as with a spoon to mix food coloring and water. This experiment also introduces water density. When clouds become heavy, full of moisture, it starts to rain. Although she doesn't quite understand this, she does understand cause and effect. Here she sees that pouring water onto a cloud, the fish in her pond get rained on. 


  • Water
  • Medicine Dispenser 
  • Shaving Cream
  • Food Coloring
  • Large Bowl
  • Small Bowls 
  • Bath Toys (optional)


STEP 1: Add water to a tall bowl (preferably with a small opening) and add bath toys (optional).

cloud 5.jpg

STEP 2: Spray the shaving cream on top of the water as if it was icing on a cake covering the whole top of the water.

STEP 3: Mix a couple of drops of food coloring with water. Repeat for every color desired. 

STEP 4: Using a medicine dispenser, have the child squeeze in the mixture of food coloring and water. Then, have the child squeeze out the mixture on top of the shaving cream trying their best to not touch the shaving cream. Watch the coloring seep into the water as the "cloud" gets heavier. 

You can also use a pipette or otherwise called a medicine dropper. This technique might be easier for younger kids, just help them squeeze the water in and let them pinch it out. Most importantly, just have fun with it.

With Love,