I was 7 months pregnant and remember feeling completely unprepared for what was about to happen. I had read about nesting and the feelings that come right before women have babies but never did I imagine that it would be so strong. I suddenly felt this urge to buy everything and anything baby related to feel a bit more comfortable with the idea of bringing a human into the world. All of the stores I went to gave me very long lists of items I "needed" but I knew that they were just trying to sell me. A cousin of mine sent me a baby essentials list that pretty much saved me and gave me peace of mind. I have tweaked it a little bit taking out items I had bought but really didn't use. If you know someone about to be a new parent please share with them, they will thank you forever! You can print the list and check off items as you go along.

Not everything on this list is an essential, but they are items that make being a new mom a little bit easier. 

With Love,