As a child I loved squeezing bubble wrap and hearing the bubbles pop. I bought some for Nicky thinking that she was still too young to find the humor in this but she loved it! So we took it to the next level. I strapped the bubble wrap to her feet and hands, layed down some paper and paint, turned on some music and had Nicky stomp all over it. Lets just say it was a great morning :)


  • Bubble wrap
  • White paper
  • Paint
  • Tape
  • Scissors 


STEP 1: Lay down paper and secure with painters tape.

STEP 2: Add a few drops of paint onto the paper.

STEP 3: Wrap childs feet and/or hands in bubble wrap securing it with tape.

STEP 4: Have child stop and smash the paint on the paper making a fun pattern.

STEP 5: Add bubble wrap to hands and add more paint as it gets consumed. 

Turn on some music and go for it! Live, love, PLAY!

With Love,