In the spirit of Halloween we started our day with a few Halloween inspired activities. First, I made a spider web out of painters tape on a door frame. I had Nicky decorate the web using pom poms and balls then had her paint it black. I helped with the top :) Of course she insisted on wearing part of her costume for the activities. 

For the second activity, I gave her glow sticks and colored pipes to stick through plastic golf balls with holes. This was a great fine motor skill activity. She also found that by putting a glow stick through one hole without it coming out of another she could make a pretend microphone so she sang, a lot haha. 

The idea behind our costumes this year was for Nicky to dress as The Flash and I to dress as the tired mom running after her all day (if you know about the Flash then you know what I'm talking about hehe) but I realized that my costume would be what I wear everyday so I dressed as a bandit and she chased me all day. In the afternoon we went to a Halloween party at her baby gym studio (MyGym). She loved it all but was definitely a little spooked by some of the kids costumes. We did not go trick or treating because it can be tricky living in an apartment building. At the end of the day, she did not want to take her costume off therefor there was a lot of  bribing going on from my end lol. 

Just because its no longer Halloween doesn't mean you can't dress up and have a pretend play party. So put on your costumes and try out these activities :)

With Love,