Although Nicky is way too young to start reading, it is not too early to start recognizing letters. It is easier if you start with just a few letters and once they grasps those, move on to the next. Thats why learning to recognize the letters in their name is perfect. This activity is a matching game. The idea is to match the foam letters to the letters painted on the window. 



STEP 1: On one side of the window, write the child's name. Make sure to wire it backwards as the child will be placing the matching foam letters from the other side. 

STEP 2: Wet the foam letters and lay them out on the other side of the window right under the name.

STEP 3: Instruct the child to match the foam letters with the letters on the window.

The reason you do the letters on one side of the window and place the letters on the other side is because the foam letters are wet and will wash off the paint from the window. If the child is older or you want to show them the alphabet, simply write the alphabet on one side of the window and have the child match the letters from the other side. This is a fun and educational activity.

With Love,