Let me start out by saying I'm not one of those people that are into the whole natural medicine thing but waiting between medicine times can get tough haha. Since becoming a mother colds and illnesses last longer because I just don't have the time to give myself time to recover. Magically I feel fine during the day but it hits me hard early morning and at night. I remember before having Nicky I would call out sick for at least a couple of days and just lay in bed resting. After three days I would be good as new. Now I could be sick for two to three weeks and its normal. I want to share with you a few natural remedies that help me get through the long days with Nicky. 

  1. Lime with Honey: Heat up a little bit of lime with honey in the microwave and drink it with a spoon. It really helps calm the throat. I also sometimes boil water and add natural mint leaves to make a tea and then add in the lemon with honey. Its delicious and really helps.
  2. Warm water with salt: Mix warm water with salt, a lot of salt. Gargle three times every few hours. This really helps calm the throat. 
  3. Nasal Strips: I know, I know. They are ugly and usually seen on football players but when you can't breath out of your nose they are a life saver. I use the Breath Right Nasal Strips (click to buy). I usually apply them at night to help me sleep through the night but sometimes during the day also. Desperate times call for desperate measures!
  4. Black Elderberry Syrup: You can buy this at Wholefoods or Amazon (click to buy) of course. It secretly lifts your immune system so quick you didn't even know what happened. Doesn't taste that bad either :)

The first three home remedies are great for pregnant women. The Elderberry Syrup is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation. I know the days are long when you're aren't feeling your best but remember that it will pass and better times are ahead. 

With Love,