There's nothing Nicky loves more than puppies so it was a no brainer that we throw her a puppy party for her second birthday. I really wanted to have real puppies at the party so I probably called every phone number associated with puppies and parties that google gave me. All of these calls to no avail. I had almost given up on the idea when one of my cousins mentioned that she had hired a magician a few years back for her daughter's birthday party and the show involved dogs. I immediately called the magician and I was able to hire him for Nicky's party. Days leading up to the party I told Nicky that there were going to be puppies at her party and what a mistake that was. She wouldn't shut up about wanting to go to the party with puppies lol. 

Party day is finally here. We arrive and Nicky is in awe of the endless chocolate, puppies, toddler friends and family. I think it was the best day of her life. Everything she loves and cares for in one room. The only hard part was getting her to leave when the party was over. She kept shouting more party, more party, more party! The magician was so good that the adults, including myself, were entertained. I even had one friend ask me if the magician can stay the whole time because her toddler hadn't moved in 20 minutes lol. Overall it was a magical day.

My cousin Orly is a graphic designer and was the one who designed all of the signs and graphics for the party. Everything from the dessert table banner to the water bottle labels she made. Link to her contact info below. 

PARTY HIGHLIGHTS to look out for:

  • Nicole's Barkery dessert table with red licorice fetch rope, teacup muffin holders, and paw chocolate lollypops. 
  • Fetch frisbees and custom ball tin.
  • Gorgeous birthday cake and matching puppy print on birthday hats, banner and invitations. 
  • Real puppies magic show.