I had bought a cone stand for Nicky's 2nd birthday party and as usual I like to reuse everything so I came up with this activity. I placed small cups underneath the cone stand and placed a different pom-pom in every cup. She then had to drop in a matching pom-pom picking from a pile on the side. This activity reinforces fine motor skills, teaches to sort by size/color, and uses hand eye coordination. 


  • Pom-poms
  • Cone stand
  • Small cups


STEP 1: Place small cups like the size of a shot glass underneath each hole in the cone stand and fill each cup with one pom pom making each cup different.

STEP 2: Instruct the child to look underneath at the pom poms in the cups and drop in a matching pom pom picking from a pile on the side.

Repeat and enjoy. I made it difficult for her by using pompoms with similar colors but different sizes. This is a great simple activity that doesn't require much clean up. 

With Love,