Now this is what I call fine motor skills at its best! From holding a paint brush properly to squeezing a spray bottle, to then cleaning off paint with a squeegee, this activity tested her abilities in every way. This multi step activity kept her attention for over an hour which in our book is a long long time lol. I must warn you, it is a bit messy but perfect for a sunny day outdoors. 


  • Water based paint
  • Small spray bottle
  • Small squeegee
  • Soapy water (water mixed with a little soap)
  • Paint brush


STEP 1: Choose a window that has a border around it to set boundaries or make boundaries with painters tape. Instruct the child to paint within the borders of the window trying their best to not touch the borders.

squeegee activity 6.jpg

STEP 2: Fill the spray bottle with soapy water and have the child spray the area that they painted. Make sure to spray plenty of fluid. 

STEP 3: Using a small squeegee, have the child swipe away the paint and soapy water mixture.

STEP 4: Clean away all residue with a garden hose and start all over again.


The paint that I used made it easy for it to wash away but any washable paint will do. I recommend not waiting too long between the painting and the spraying so that the paint doesn't dry and is easier to wipe away. Yes, a bit messy but a lot of fun! 

With Love,